Like What You Taste? We Ship!

Visiting the Central Coast and like what you taste?  Spread the love and share our bread with friends and family. Choose from the below options and get your bread shipped directly to you with next day shipping in California.

Available Shipments


Choose any four of our sliced sourdough rounds

(Sourdough, Cracked Wheat, or Rosemary with Olive Oil)

*$30/box includes shipping and packaging


Choose any 5 of our sourdough sticks

(Sourdough, Rosemary with Olive Oil, or 2 pack sourdough baguettes)

*$30/box includes shipping and packaging


Includes: 1 Sourdough Baguette (2pk), 2 Sourdough Sticks, 3 packages Sourdough Rolls (6pk), 2 Sourdough Sliced, 

8 items total

*$50 includes shipping and packaging

*The included shipping is based on UPS next day delivery in California.  For out of state shipping please contact us for a quote and delivery options.

All orders are shipped on Monday's.  To place your order please contact us via email or phone.  We do not have a live shopping cart at this time.  To ensure a timely delivery please place your order by the previous Friday.